What is SCM?

Supply Chain Management is the management of relationships in the network of organizations, from end customers through original suppliers, using key cross-functional business processes to create value for customers and other stakeholders.

Source: Douglas M. Lambert, Editor, Supply Chain Management: Processes, Partnerships, Performance, Fourth Edition, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL: Supply Chain Management Institute, 2014, p. 2.

The Global Supply Chain Forum 

Forum Meeting at Mastercard

The Global Supply Chain Forum (GSCF), directed by Dr. Douglas M. Lambert, supports research focused on business topics and applications identified as important by the corporate members, who are senior executives of firms recognized as being on the leading edge of their respective industries. 


The mission of the Forum is to provide the opportunity for business executives and academics to pursue the critical issues related to achieving excellence in Supply Chain Management (SCM). 

The Approach

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The Forum supports research focused on business applications, the sharing of information across industries, and makes research available through publications and seminars. As a key part of this effort, business school professors associated with the Forum work with member firms to develop and implement leading-edge practices in member companies.


Membership in the Forum consists of representatives of firms recognized as leaders in their respective industries. Balance is maintained in terms of the nature of the member firms and the specific expertise of their representatives. The membership is targeted to include 15 firms.  It is expected that members actively participate in Forum activities.


Primary funding of the Forum is through annual contributions of $20,000 per year to The Global Supply Chain Forum Foundation, Inc. from each member firm. We are focused on business applications and the sharing of information across industries.

Member Benefits

Peer Relationships

Provide the opportunity to develop relationships with peers in other industries and discuss common problems as well as potential solutions.

Different Perspectives

Develop cross-industry and cross-discipline perspectives.


Support research to implement leading-edge practice in Forum member organizations. Identify innovative approaches, useful tools and measures.


Make research available through publications and other means.

Improve Business Practices

Provide opportunities for constructive feedback to improve business practices using depth of experience of group.

Benchmark Operations

Benchmark operations with cooperation of other Forum member companies.

GSCF Meetings

Participate in the biannual GSCF meetings.

Access To Tools

Access to two tools that can be used to structure collaborative business relationships:
(1) The Partnership Model (a meeting of one and one-half days with a key customer or supplier) and
(2) The Collaboration Framework (a one-day meeting with a key customer or supplier).